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Reinstalling Pse6

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Hi everyone!

My computer crashed last week and we needed to wipe it clean and reinstall EVERYTHING.

I have my Adobe program back on the computer, PSE 6, and it opens fine, except NONE of my actions are showing up. I can't even find them in my computer. (meaing the ones I have acquired) Any clue of what I should try?



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I'm sure others will come along and help you out, but I think the following is the information you need. I'm so sorry you are going through this.


If you don’t have the ATN (and XML) files on a CD/DVD or some offsite storage place, you are going to have to contact Angie about seeing if she can help you replace them. And you may have to reinstall everything from scratch if you don’t have the information below also saved somewhere.


Angie gave me a helpful hint back when I purchased my first non-Adobe tool. Create a folder for the different file types for the non-Adobe tools you purchase. Every time you buy something new & install it, add it to the appropriate folder(s). And back up these folders by copying them to a CD/DVD or EHD often. If you have these, adding them to your computer should be as easy and selecting all of one type in a folder and copying them to the place they go for your version of PSE. I have folders for the following:





Brushes (This folder is for ALL of my brushes & I have subfolders under this for ‘types’ of brushes to organize them)

Brushes_allABRfilesByMyCat_nonAdobe4PSE6 (these are the ABR files that I created by ‘types’ using Presets. I don’t have ALL of the brushes in the folder above installed, just the ones I use the most. This folder is the one you would use to ‘reinstall’ your preset brushes.)





Patterns_PAT (I also have a separate folder for my own patterns)



Also remember that you will have to ‘force’ PSE to recreate the database before they will show up--just like you do when you install a new style/action.

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That's the reason why I don't update. Reloading all the actions, styles, etc. I'd rather wait for 11 or 12. Why don't you upgrade at the same time? You should get 8 or 9 fairly cheap now. Good luck.

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