I Use Picasa Webalbums To Share My Photos With Family And Need Some Help

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if you use picasa web albums to share your photos with family and friends i am hoping you can help me


after i make an album and want to share it ...i have to type in most of the addresses i want to send it to each time...for some reason some addresses pop up and i dont have to type the whole address...i cant figure out why some pop up and others these addresses all are the most common ones i send to... any one know anything about making a group or why this happens?


help is much appreciated

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As far as I know, Picasa Web Albums is associated with Google. I think if you have a Gmail address book or a set of circles on G+, you'll be able to access that from Picasa. If I get a chance this evening, I'll play around with mine and get back to you. Hopefully someone else will come along before then.

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