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April Showers

Fun Little Surprise Challenge Details

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Sorry I didn't post a thread for this earlier!


If you weren't able to make it to the chat, you can still do a layout for it to be eligible for the 9 layout prize.


Layout Requirements:

1. Brush Work

2. Filter - this is really wide open. You can use a blending mode, and adjustment layer or anything from the special effects or filters menus.

3. Use a Style - or a script if you don't use Adobe Software. This needs to be something FUN like glitter, glass or metal, not just drop shadows. There are lots of cool styles to choose from.


Other than the three requirements, you can do any layout you'd like!



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I don't get to alot of chats because of the difference in timezones but this one was timed perfectly for me. Thanks April and Jody. Here's my layout: Red Sky

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