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Victoria TX

Backblaze Half Price Offer

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I've been meaning to set up an on-line backup service & ran across an offer on a LifeHacker newsfeed to buy a year of BackBlaze for one computer for a year for $25, half the usual price. The offer is through AppSumo.com. My first experience with that website, but purchased the product through PayPal as an added level of separation and everything downloaded / installed fine & is backing up even as we speak. As I type this, the offer is only valid for another 3 hours.


I'm not aware of SG offering such a service so hope I'm not stepping on any toes. Here's the link I used:



If you scroll down, you should see a small box on the left if the offer is still valid. I'm fighting a nasty headache so didn't read the details re: whether external hard drives are included in the single unit offer.



Near Dallas, TX

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Just checked this out and the offer has expired. I already use BackBlaze and have been using them for over a year already. I used to use Carbonite, but had problems with them. Then I went to Mozy, but they hiked their fees to an outlandish amount and so I dropped them. I'm happy with BackBlaze and the price is right, $5 a month, and they do backup EHD's.

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