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My nephew came over a couple of years ago and was showing me a couple of things about Photoshop CS3 he had learned in school. I missed most of the steps and hope someone else can help me with this. He's in the Navy now and is hard to reach. He pulled up a picture of a girl and swiped the curser over her hair in a few areas and said to try to make sure you have selected all the color variations that you want to change. Then I don't remember but he changed her hair color from a brunette to a red head. All very natural looking with the varying shades of red. I don't believe he did any selecting of an area but I could be wrong. Its like he used a command that said change everything on this layer that has these shades of brown to varying shades of this red, and BAM there it was. I would love to use this technique on several things. I've been using a crude and time consuming method. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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The only thing I can think of is to go to "image" - "adjustment" - replace color - but you need to select the color from you photo and then click the + and click on the other shade of that color you want changed.


There is also under "image" - "adjustment" - selective color.


Someone else may come along and be of more help than this.

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That sounds like the color replacement tool, which can be found under the brush tool -- you can toggle the tiny triangle a the lower corner of the icon with your cursor and the flyout menu will show other tools under there, one of which is the color replace tool.


I don't use this tool very much, but basically you select a color that you would like to change to. Then with the color replace tool selected you brush over the color you want to change.


There are options for this tool along the top of your workspace to choose how this tool interacts with the pixels you are selecting.

You can change your brush size, the mode (how the color interacts with the layer its changing), the way the color is sampled, the limits (helps select which pixels to change) and the tolerance (how sensitive you want the color identification to be).


You can also search Adobe's Help Menu for Color Replacement Tool.



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