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I purchased 2 of the digital presentations. I am on a Mac and use PSE 9. I selected the presentation video training for MAC Keynote. When I click on photos while inside of Keynote the only thing that pops up is IPHOTO which I do not use.

I need to access my photos. What should I use?? Example EBA-Presentation_Teal Seal.. should I select EBA presentation TealZeal pptx? or EBA Presentation TealZeal JPG?

Thanks for your help.


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Hi Laurie -


It sounds like you were able to open the pptx file in Keynote. From there, you need to use an insert command to add the photos to each slide. It's easy to do: go to the slide you want, then from the menu bar (on top of the screen) select Insert. Pick the last option from that menu which is "Choose". From there, you need to navigate to your photos, select the photo you want and click Insert.


Those individual JPG files you mentioned (like the EBA_Presentation_TealZeal.jpg) can be used in PSE 9 sort of as a ready-made background or album page. It just gives you another option for creating layouts. But if your final goal is to create an e-mailable presentation, use that Keynote file and add your photos. It'll make creating a shareable album a very quick process.


Hope this helps and if you have any other problems or questions, just let us know!

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