Do We Have Any Templates For Instagram Photos

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i want to do a layout with the hightlights of my instagram photos so they are we have any templates that would work for the instagram photos?

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Someone else may come along with links for current products that fit the bill, but I wanted to let you know I have templates coming *soon* that will feature squares! They are going to be in the same style as my Digi Pocket Page Protectors. I'll move these up in my to-do list for you! Perhaps 2-3 weeks? Sooner if I get my, um, behind in gear;)

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I see your ScrapSImple club blinkie, if you got the ScrapSimple Club from last July I included some templates for what I called modular frames. These frames were specifically made for square pictures. I had instagram and other phone pics in mind when I made them. :) They only do a few at a time with space for decoration or journaling.



Here is the link:





ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Modular Frames



You can use several on a page kind of like the new pocket life idea.


Another idea of something OLD, OLD, that you may not have seen......


These templates are all squares and there can be used for a TON of pictures!





ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Tiled - Bricks


OR along the same lines:





ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Tiled



Have fun!

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