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And finally, from Syndee and myself:


SNU_SSTypePaths_Easter_MKTG150.jpgScrapSimple Type Paths: Easter

I like the mixture of cute bunnies and religious text paths - I see lots of pretty Easter pages being made with this!



CTH_SSEmb_12x12_DPPP2_MKTG_150.jpgScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: 12x12 Digi Pocket Page Protectors 2

CTH_SSAlbum_12x12_DPP2Mini_MKTG_150.jpgScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: 12x12 Digi Pocket Pages 2 Mini

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A bunch popped up - I'll do one designer at a time - Here's Elisha!

EBA_PocketLife_ElephantsFly_MKTG_150.jpgPocket Life: Elephants Fly

EBA_PocketLife_BlessThisNest_MKTG_150.jpgPocket Life: Bless This Nest


I can't wait to add the Bless this Nest cards to my supplies! Love that whole fabulous collection:)


Thanks for the mention, Cheri! If you're looking at Bless This Nest - be aware that there is a Super Saver Special, available today only! It's for the new 50¢ Friday.

EBA_BlessThisNest_SuperSave_SPEC_MKTG_300.jpgSuper Saver Special by Elisha Barnett

And as an added bonus, Bless This Nest Collection Biggie is 50% off!

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