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March Forum Game 2013

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Join us for a game of Word Association Scrap Girls style!



Limerick the Leprechaun wants to start digital scrapbooking, but he needs your help. Unfortunately, Limerick doesn't know what supplies he wants or needs and often gets side-tracked. Use your word association skills to show him the wonderful products in the Scrap Girls Boutique.


A Welcoming Committee Member will post what Limerick is up to each Monday through Saturday, from March 1–30. Limerick's activities will be posted in a Large Purple Font for ease of locating them in the game thread as it grows. Each day the word in CAPITALS is the starting word of the day, just think of a word association and search the boutique for a product to go with your word and post a link to the product along with your word in the game thread. See below for an example of the game, along with explanations.





1. Please let someone else post before you post again.


2. Each Scrap Girls product can only be used once each day.



For every valid word association posted before 11:59 p.m. (ET) March 31st, you will get an entry into a drawing for a chance to win one of five $5 Gift Certificates to the Scrap Girls Boutique!






Here is an example of how the game works. The word in capitals is the starting word for the day.



Limerick is looking for his lucky COIN. (the starting word would be COIN)



The first person thinks of a word associated with COIN, and searches the Boutique, they come up with:


MONEY ScrapSimple Craft Templates: Gift Card and Check or Money Holders, designed by Syndee Nuckles,


in this example the word "money" is in the title of the product.



The second person needs a word associated with MONEY (the first person's word). They search the Boutique and find:


NOTE (in the UK, paper money is commonly called a note) Classical Music Embellishment Biggie, designed by Rozanne Paxman,


in this example the word "note" is one of the embellishments included in the collection, I also included a brief explanation of why I picked that word.



The third person is looking for a word associated with NOTE, they find this:


MUSIC Super 7 Spread by Jo Corne, designed by Jo Corne,


in this example "music" is the theme of the collection, and is in the word art.



The forth person needs a word associated with MUSIC:


DANCE Shall We Dance Collection, designed by Syndee Nuckles,



The next person would look for a word associated with DANCE.




Let's have some fun.

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Friday 1st March


Limerick has decided to start his scrapbooking with the photos from a recent visit to the zoo. How about this photo of a LION.

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When I saw LIVING it me think of furniture. why? who knows maybe because i am sitting on my living room couch :)

So i found this brush set: Sitting Pretty



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Saturday 2nd March


Limerick wants his layouts to be colourful, like a RAINBOW


Reminder: Limerick's adventures will not be posted tomorrow (Sunday), his story continues on Monday, but you can continue to play all weekend.

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