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Save Debbie From The Purple People Eater!

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Help rescue our fearless leader, Debbie, from the Purple People Eater! It has kidnapped her and hidden her away somewhere. We’ve narrowed the location down to a 26x26 grid (think Battleship). Along the way try to find the Purple People Eater, the secret weapon, a lost treasure, and the get-away boat.


  • Debbie = $5 gift card
  • Purple People Eater = $5 gift card
  • The Secret Weapon = $3 gift card
  • A Lost Treasure = $3 gift card
  • The Get-Away Boat = $1


The first ones to find them will win! This game will have 5 different winners, so once you win, please give others a chance at a prize!


Here are the rules:

1. You can guess all you want but please don't just throw out a bunch of numbers. Please keep it to one guess per post.

2. Please don't guess 2 posts in a row. Allow someone else to guess before posting another guess.

3. Your answer must contain a letter and a number coordinate. Letters are from A to Z and Numbers 1 to 26. A sample guess would be: A1 or Z26.


If looking at a grid will help, here is one: post-18472-0-84305900-1366114948_thumb.jpg


Good Luck!!


BTW, I'll be out for most of the morning, but I'll check the guesses when I get home and let you know ASAP.

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Looks like great fun! Good luck everyone! :2468who-do-we-appreciate: :2468who-do-we-appreciate:

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Come on Super Scrappers; save our leader! Although that purple monster guy is cute enough to hang out with for a little while at least...;)

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