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It's Friday, so that means a scraplift challenge, but as it's Mischief Week, we are going to do something a bit different. And we have a chat too.


Join us in the chat room at 12pm Eastern Time for some fun and mischief, while we talk about Scraplifting and your challenge.


At the top of every forum page is the green bar. If you click on Gallery, it will take you to the main gallery page. On the green bar again, on the right side, is the search box. In the search box type the word Super or Hero, then hit enter.


All you have to do is scraplift one of the layouts the search brings up. Have fun.


Post your layouts in the Mischief Week Gallery.


What is scraplifting?? Scraplifting is when you use another person's layout for inspiration. You can choose to imitate their photo placement, color scheme, collections used, overall theme, or whatever appeals to you most. Scraplifting Etiquette

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My search does not work. Any other way of finding it.


You can use the search from any forum page. Make sure what you type appears in the search box (on the green bar at the right). I have found in the past my search word starts after "Search.." (what is in the box when it is empty), and that won't get you any results, don't know why it happens. The right side of the search box should say gallery, if it doesn't click the little down arrow and change it to gallery. Then click the button that looks like a magnifying glass or hit enter.


Are you not getting any results at all, Belle? You should get at least 9 pages for hero, and about 20 for super.

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Highly doubt I will make it tonight... 2.30 is way too late if I HOPE to be up at 0730 for the MorM chat!!! Here is my page though... warning Valerie, it seems we lifted same page... of all the gallery, how strange... loved your page btw!

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