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Hi Ladies,


Some time ago I purchased BMU_SSActions_Bokeh. I've tried to use it today and it doesn't seem to work properly! I'm sure it's something I've missed so I would be grateful if someone would help me out.

I can run all of the initial 'patterns' (e.g. circles, hearts) without any problem. However when I run the 'Overlay' it all goes wrong. It asks me to do the brush work to remove the pattern and then to blur the background, but you can't actually see anything happen (unlike in the video clip that comes with the set in which Brandy explains how it works). Once you finish with both brushes and hit play it comes up with the following two messages and then just loops back to asking me to use the brushes again:


1. Object 'layer Layer 1' not currently available

2. The command 'Make' is not currently available


I'd be really grateful if someone could tell me what's gone wrong - many thanks.

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Sorry, I don't have this one, but Brandy is great at trouble shooting her actions. I'm sure she'll see this when it is morning for her and help you get it figured out.

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