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Hi everyone :happy-sun:

I found out that the month of June is officially the Great Outdoors Month, so that is what we will be using for this month's theme. You may want to create your card depicting a favorite outdoor place, park, lake, beach, nature trail,etc. You may want to show an outdoor activity such as picnicking, camping, boating, hiking, etc. Anything goes as long as the focus is on the great outdoors.

Remember, part of the beauty of ATCs is that you don't have to include a photo if you don't have one you would like to use; though you may certainly use photos if you wish to. You can create a card with digital embellishments, brushes, quotes, poems or any thing else you can think of as long as it has something to do with the great outdoors. The important thing is to just have fun!

You may create as many cards as you would like, just please remember to sign and date each card. Upload them to the ATC Challenge & Swap Gallery and email the full resolution copy (750 x 1050 pixels at 300 dpi) to me at: scrapgirl.teecee@gmail.com

The cards will be due by Wednesday July 3rd, and I'll try to send the full sets back to you by the following Friday. I'll also try to post a new challenge around July 1st.

Here are some great products if you need help creating your cards:
ATC Backgrounds Paper Biggie
ATC Journal Card Embellishment Mini
ScrapSimple Alpha Templates: Collage ATC
ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: ATC Shadows 12601
ScrapSimple Craft Templates: Artist Trading Cards
ScrapSimple Craft Templates: Artist Trading Cards 2
Assemble Your Own: Artist Trading Cards
Printable Art and Crafts Sheet: ATC - The Robin
Value Pack: Artist Trading Cards
Assemble Your Own: Conversation Cards

In addition to the above products, don't forget that with a little bit of re-sizing, many of the Pocket Life products may be used for ATCs

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Thanks Theresa - great theme! :)

And thanks for organizing this each month.....

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I need to think about committing to this one - I want to - time is just crazy around here but I love the topic so think I may be able to find some time to do a card - right now I'm sitting on the fence about it! Time will tell!


Thanks, Theresa!

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I think if I really dig deep, I might find a photo or two for this challenge. Can't wait to get home and get started. Planning underway.

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I've sent out the complete collections for this month. The cards are lovely and thanks to all who participated! :)


Challenge for July has been posted here

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