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Chat Room Tips

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Tips for Using the Scrap Girls Chat Room


We've upgraded the chat room. The new room has more options, but it does take a few more clicks to get in. Below are some tips to help you make the transition. The screen shots will expand when you click on them.


When you click the chat button in the forum, it will take you to a new page. Click on the blue ParaChat "Chat Now" Button.




At this point, you can choose java, flash or mobile.

  • Java will open the chat we are used to. It will bring up warnings simply because it used java. You can choose to run java on this application. You can find a post with java tutorials here.

  • Flash will load a similar chat screen with a less features. You can't float or expand the chat window. But hey, it doesn't need java! Choose this option if you don't want to use java or can't get java to cooperate.

  • Mobile is for your smart phone or tablet. We've tested and gotten in with several Android phones and tablets, the Kindle Fire HD, and the iPad, iPhone and iTouch. Some testers noticed double posting on their iPads; however, it didn't show double in the chat room.

You will need to enter your Display Name from the forum (the one that shows when you post) this may be different from your log-in! If you have a space in your name, you will need to insert an underscore. Your chat room name should look exactly like it did in the old chat room. If you get the U825 error, your display name is entered incorrectly. Send me a PM if you need help figuring out your Display Name.

Note: There are a few of you that have another older screen name from another site show when you are in the chat. If this happened to you, you will probably need to enter that screen name instead.




Now it looks like you are in the chat.




A little box will pop up where you will need to enter your password. This password is your forum password. It may take a few tries. Send me a message if you still have trouble getting in.


Once you are in the chat, you can use the chat room like normal! You will have the option to copy and paste again. When you try to do either, a warning will pop-up asking for permission to use the clipboard. You can check a box to have it not pop up again if you are comfortable with it.


Send me a PM if you have trouble or more questions!

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