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I think the easiest way is select the hole where the picture goes with the magic wand, delete everything under it, then merge to document. Hope that gives you a direction to go in! wub.gif

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I don't have PSE, but I'll try to help!


If you have purchased a quick page(QP), pull that page into your program. Then pull whatever photos you'd like to place within the space(s) of the QP. Then re-order your layers so that your photos are underneath the QP. Use your move tool to position the photos where you want them. If you need to resize or angle the photos, I *think* you can use CTRL+T to toggle your "transform" option. Then hold the SHIFT key down while you pull or push on a corner of your photo to make it larger or smaller. You can also use your move tool (with "transform" still active --- you'll see "marching ants" around your photo) on a corner (no need to hold SHIFT down for this) and rotate it, as needed.



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