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Thursday Challenge! 7 November

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I had great difficulty trying to decide the "theme" for the Thursday Challenges this month, I had quite a few ideas but nothing that I was really happy with, so I asked the family.


Lauren suggested circuit training! Really! I told her we were not here to help with her sport homework.

Matty said "why are you asking me?" Thanks for that Matthew.

Ben crawled off and thrust a Dr Who DVD in my hand, OK so I was expecting too much.

Kiahna suggested purple, this was a bit closer but a whole purple month, not sure on that.

What my DH said was completely unrepeatable.


Not much help all in all, or was it? These five little snippets give you an idea on what goes on here on a daily basis. Have you ever heard this saying;


You don't have to be mad to live here, but it helps!


So for this month I am going to give you little snippets of my life/home.


Today we are going to start at the beginning or more precisely the front door.

Thursday Callenge 1.jpg


I don't know if you can see from this photo, but we live at number 12.


So your challenge today is to use the number 12 somewhere in your layout. You could use 12 embellishments, or 12 lines of journalling, maybe 12 letters in your title, it's up to you.

Post your finished layouts in the Thursday Challenge Gallery and post a link back here so we can all leave you some love.


Here is my layout Alice in Wonderland, I used 12 embellishments on my layout.

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Oh, Valerie, you have me rolling on the floor! :rofl:

I haven't had much time for challenges lately, but I hope to fit this one in just because I must reward your front door. (Also, I must thank it for not being number 142 or such, lol).

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Not sure I can think of something to do with number 12, maybe wishing everyday had 12 more hours in it so I had time to scrap. But I loved the process of how you came up with this challenge!

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Oh Valerie you made me laugh and I needed that right now. Your writing is wonderful and your challenge super. (Me too Diane, thanking Valerie's door for not being a large number.)..

I don't have a laptop now but will be thinking of something twelve-ish until I get it back.

PS please tell kiahna that as a fellow purple lover I really like her idea best! HeeHee....:)

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Here's mine, I used 12 purples in my page - thanks to Kiahna for the inspiration! :D

I can't even begin to imagine what next thursday will bring! Thanks Valerie.

12 purples

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