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How To Add A Custom Image To Your Forum Signature

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Posted 18 December 2013 - 01:34 PM

How to Add a Custom Image to Your Forum Signature

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There are two methods to add your Custom Signature to your Forum Signature.  The first method will make your Signature appear at full size, but does require you to copy and paste a URL.  The second method is easier; however your Signature will be much smaller than in the first method.


At the time of writing this tutorial, it is not possible to use the first method in Internet Explorer 11; this is due to an issue with IE11 and is out of our control.  There will be an update that will fix this issue, however we don’t know when this will happen.  If you normally use IE11 and wish your Signature to appear at full size, you will need to use a different internet browser.


Method One

Make sure your image is no larger than 225 x 225 Pixels before trying to add it to your Forum Signature.

Step 1.  Find your new Signature in the Gallery and click on the purple “Options” button to the right of your Signature.  Choose “Share Links” from the menu that appears.

Add Siggy 1.jpg


Step 2.  From the box that appears copy the link from the box named “Image Link”.  Make sure you copy the whole link.

Add Siggy 2.jpg


Step 3.  On the top right of the Forum, click on your “User Name” and then click “My Settings”.

Add Siggy 3.jpg


Step 4.  On the page that opens click on “Signature” on the left, under the purple bar.

Add Siggy 4.jpg ]


Step 5.  You will now see your current Signature at the top and a box underneath for you to edit your Signature.  The Edit Box will also show your current Signature, if you are changing your Signature you will need to delete the old one first.  At the top of the edit box, on the second row, click add image icon (it is square with what looks like a picture of a tree in it).

Add Siggy 5.jpg


Step 6.  In the box that appears, paste the link you copied in Step 2 and click OK. 

Add Siggy 6.jpg


Step 7.  Your new Signature should now appear in the Edit Box.  All that is left to do is click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the Edit Box.

Add Siggy 7.jpg


Method Two

You can use this method to add your signature in IE11, however your signature will appear much smaller.

This method will also work in Firefox and Chrome, and may also be of use to those of you who don’t like or are uncomfortable with URLs and links.  Just remember your signature will appear much smaller compared to the method above.


Step 1.  Upload your Signature to the Gallery (see details above).


Step 2.  On the top right of the Forum, click on your “User Name” and then click “My Settings”.

Add Siggy 3.jpg


Step 3.  On the page that opens click on “Signature” on the left, under the purple bar.

Add Siggy 4.jpg


Step 4.  At the top of the Edit Box click the button called “My Media” (next to the smiley face).

Add Siggy 8.jpg


Step 5.  In the box that appears click “Gallery Images” on the left.

Add Siggy 9.jpg


Step 6.  You will now see all the images you have posted in the gallery.  Click the image of your Signature and then click “Finish”.  If you want to use an older image you may need to click the “next” button until the image you want appears.

Add Siggy 10.jpg


Step 7.  The Edit Box will now contain a bit of forum coding.  Click “Save Changes” and your Signature will now appear.

Add Siggy 11.jpg


Tutorial written by Valerie Tuffrey

gallery_5375_358_11104.pngMy Gallery I scrap with Photoshop CS6.



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