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How To View All Of A Member's Layouts

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How to View all of a Member's Layouts
There are three easy ways to view all of a member’s layouts:

Method One:

When viewing a member’s layout, click on “Find their other images” located in the information area to the right of the artist’s avatar.


view images from layout.png

Method Two:

Step 1. Hover over the member’s name on any page in the forum.

Step 2. Click on “Find Content” in the member information pop-up. 

Find content from info pop up.png  


Step 3: To find just their layouts (and not all their content like posts, comments, etc.) click on “Images” in the left hand side bar.

All Activity - Images.png

Method Three:

Go to a member’s profile page and click on the orange “See their activity” button. Then follow Step 3 above and click on Images in the left hand sidebar.


Find Content from profile.png

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