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Grandma's Cat Is...

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Grandma's Cat is lost, so we went to the animal shelter and found a new cat for Grandma.


To play along, read the most recent post, then post a new word or phrase beginning with the next letter of the alphabet.


I'll post a word about Grandma's cat beginning with the letter "A", the next player should post a word or phrase about Grandma's cat beginning with the letter "B", then the next player will post something beginning with "C", and so on throughout the alphabet. When we reach the end of the alphabet we will start over again with the letter "A".



Grandma's Cat is:


Always begging for treats from Grandma :clapping_kitty:



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"Putting a necklace in her stash" LOL this grandmas cat is actually doing that....steals anything with Glitz and hides behind a chair.

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