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Moving Embellishments To A Layout

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Need help please. I haven't done a LO in a long time, but have many ScrapGirls things downloaded ON MY IMAC. I'm trying to get an embellishment onto a letter I'm writing and also onto a LO. How do I get the embell OFF the checkered background? I took so many SG classes and can't believe I forgot how to do this.

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Lynn!

There are several ways to do both these things. Maybe that is why it is harder to remember sometimes.

I use a windows machine, so how I get things into documents may be different. I either copy and paste or click and drag from Windows explorer into my open Word document.

For a layout, with both your embellishment and your layout open in PSE or PS, you can click on the image and drag it to your layout. I usually click and drag embellishments from Windows Explorer into my layout.

Another way to get them there- with your layout open, use File>Place and then navigate to your embellishment and it will open in your layout.

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I use a Mac and I basically do the same thing April does using her PC - my most used method and favorite one is the click and drag option which I do all the time - occasionally I will copy and paste if I'm doing something in word, but I'm a huge fan of INDESIGN and so it's a rare day that I even use Word when scrapping - I do my letterheads and basic things in INDESIGN and it's the simplest thing ever to click and drag embellies into my document (or scrapping page too!) I use Photoshop differently than most of the members here I think - I do most of the changes to things I want to use on my page in Photoshop and then take THEM to my page on which I'm working in INDESIGN and it's there that I finish my scrapping page. Odd way, I know, but it's the way I learned many years ago when Pagemaker was THE program of all programs and I was working as graphic designer for Shaw AFB and then they dropped Pagemaker and went to INDESIGN and I just kept doing my pages that way. I like doing it that way, but some might think it's taking extra unnecessary steps - just my thoughts! Good luck and can't wait to see your pages!

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