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Click And Drag In Pse13 On Windows 8

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I have opened a paper. Clicked and dragged onto new document 11x8.5. Instead of bounding box being outside of new document, the paper does not even fill page. This is first time I have seen this happen. What happened?


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Hi, no answer but I feel your pain. I recently upgraded to PSE 13 from 6 (on Mac). I've seen that too and have no idea why.

This morning my papers dragged into the program really tiny instead of filling the workspace and when I click "command 0" which usually made them full sized, it didn't work at all.

Grrrrr.... Hopefully someone will know!

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Hi again Joey,

Well I was getting tired of things acting strange in PSE so I reset my preferences last night. It worked and everything is back to "normal" but if you do this you lose all the changes you made in the program and have to put them in again. You don't lose things like styles, etc that you added in - only things like changing if your windows float or where things are located or maybe changes to a tool that you made.


If you want to try, click on the "Photoshop Elements Editor" at the top left and then click on Preferences>General.

You will see an option to check "Reset Preferences on Next Launch", click "ok" to the next message and then once you completely close-down PSE, it will reset preferences when you reopen again.


I'm working on a Mac, but yours should be the same. It might work, but remember you will have to reset all the preferences you changed in the program. If you didn't change anything - it's worth a try!

Good luck.

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