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Tool Time Chat At 12 Noon (Et)


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12:00 p.m. (ET) Tool Time

It’s Tool Time! Join Conda (SodScrap) for some tips and ideas for using tools like Styles, Actions, and Custom Shapes to enhance your layouts.

Your challenge is to create a layout using at least TWO TOOLS. (shapes, styles or actions) Be sure to let us know which you used and post it in the Digital Scrapbook Day - 2015 - Gallery and link back to this thread.

I will be linking some of my favorite tools after the chat. Feel free to share your favorite tool(s) with us!

Boutique categories:

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Styles we discussed to enhance photos:


ASO_SSStyles_DreamyCan_6401_MKTG_150.jpgScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Dreamy Canvas 6401 Super Biggie


ASO_SSStyles_AntiqEffects_MKTG_150.jpgScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Antique Effects 6401


SNU_SSActions_DreamyMagic_MKTG150.jpgScrapSimple Tools - Actions: Dreamy Magic 6301

SNU_SSStyles_PhotoMagic6301_MKTG150.jpgScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Photo Magic 6301

BMU_SSActions_MagicalPhotos_PSE_MKTG_150ScrapSimple Tools - Actions: Magical Photos PSE


I'm not sure if it's my internet or the boutique, but it's not cooperating...I will post more links later

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Two blog articles regarding styles:
We discussed:
  • Adding styles to enhance "less than perfect" photos (see links in above post for a few suggestions)
  • Adding two styles to a layer/item (1. Hold the shift key while adding the second style, OR duplicate the layer and add the second style to the copied layer)
  • Using styles on layers in templates instead of recoloring or clipping papers
  • Using shadow styles to add the finished look to layouts
  • Adjusting colors of styles by adjusting the effects of the style
  • Turning off or adjusting the drop shadows of styles
  • Custom shapes as photo mats or journal spots
  • Adding styles to custom shapes

And so much more!!! Please feel free to share your favorite Styles, Actions and Shapes from the boutique as well as your favorite ways to use them.

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