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Installed El Capitan, now problems

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I think I mentioned problems with El Capitan. It's probably my fault since I just installed it, and didn't look up any procedures.

Anyhow, I cannot drag and drop files to my EHD, in fact the only way I have been able to get my files off of my MacPro is to burn to a dvd/cd.

Finally I bought another Seagate 2 TB EHD to act as another backup. It backed everything up to the Seagate as if it were another Time Machine, by using the Time Machine app. Thank goodness! I was worrying about all of the supplies on my Mac.


Just letting you know, since I noticed some of you were having the same problems. I had to copy and paste each photo out of the Photo app. for now I've got them in a folder on my desk and backed up.

If anyone figures out why we can't drag and drop off the Mac, I'd sure love to know. I had Apple care all this time and never used it. Now it's expired.

I'm not scrapping now, but hope to be able to soon.




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Hi Jean, so good to see you

I haven't updated to El Capitan yet but this makes me not want to! I don't always get the drag and drop thing in Mac, in the new "Photos" replacing iPhoto I can't even drag and drop a pic into a program like PSE, I have to first drop it in a folder (making an additional copy) and then drop that one in. What a pain and duplication and I'm always deleting these duplicates. All of a sudden the other day all of Photos went wonky - not sure what that's about! I'm thinking of making a trip to the Apple Store once I get settled and if I do I'll let you know.

If you do have an Apple store near you you can visit the Genius Bar without having Apple Care, but it's usually best to make an appt which you can do online. I've gone without an appt but sometimes then you have to wait.

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