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Touch Monitor instead of graphic tablet?

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I've tried tablets, and they don't work well for me. My hands need to go back and forth from keyboard to tablet, and I'm never in the right place. If my keyboard is right, the tablet is too far to the side, and hurts my shoulder and elbow.


I'm now looking seriously at a "reclining touch screen monitor" where I can put the keyboard right below it. (lined up with screen.) Here is a picture from a Microsoft academy training video:



The gray-haired guy is in Denver, so I've met him, and he loves this setup. Screen is touch, AND he has a keyboard (and mouse if he wants it.) He can speak to my needs as a software developer.


I've injured my right wrist, and am terrible with left-handed mouse control, so I'm looking at a setup like this. Does anyone have any experience with this in applications like Photoshop? (It's different from working in MS Visual Studio!) These monitors are a little pricey, so I might do two side-by-side 20" monitors instead of a 24 or 27".


p.s. I know that nearly vertical touch screens are tiring for me after just a few minutes. I'm not looking to "draw" on it, but use my hands instead of a mouse, especially for right-click or CTRL C/CTRL V actions.


What do you think? Comments welcome.

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Sorry to hear of your injury, Barbara. The only experience I've had with touch screen monitors is on my 27" (all-in-one) and I seldom use the touch function. I just prefer to use my mouse and keyboard. I think the tilt screen looks pretty cool though. Sorry I don't have any help for you and hope your wrist heals quickly. Good luck!

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Very interesting, I've never seen anything like this, so no experience. I do know that as a lefty, I trained myself with my first computer to use my right hand on the touchpad so that I could use my left hand to take notes and not have to switch back and forth. It took a while, but I'm glad I did - it comes in handy! That said, it's probably a bit "easier" for me since the life of a lefty is full of adaptation in a right-handed world.


So sorry about your wrist Barbara. Have you tried different levels of table? Raising up or down?

It might be very worth it to schedule a visit with an occupational therapist - they are wonderful in figuring out the best way to do things like this for your body and injuries. My Physical Therapist has also been very helpful, telling me where my laptop should be in relation to my eyes, neck, hand, wrist, etc so that the setup is optimal for pain and other issues.


Good luck and I'm interested in what you decide on.

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I recently upgraded my desktop from a touch screen all-in-one. I rarely used the touch feature. It was 6 years old, so the touch functionality wasn't fantastic. It came in very handy however, when the mouse didn't cooperate or locked up. I have never used my tablet with a keyboard.


The reclining monitor looks like a fantastic set up! I can see using the touch screen easily, left or right handed. It is so frustrating when you have to overcome injury and consequently rearrange other "life things" to accommodate. Have you thought of using speech activation/typing to alleviate some wrist action?


Marilyn, I'm a lefty too and also "mouse right". It wasn't even a consideration. Really I only write left handed. Everything else is right handed! (My new desktop utilizes the magic trackpad and I LOVE IT!!!)


That's my two scents...that isn't worth a penny. Keep us posted. I'm anxious to see what you figure out!!

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