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Coloring Mandalas for Relaxing

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I've seen Mandala coloring books at stores, so I looked them up to see what it's all about:


"Why are mandala coloring pages such an effective tool for healing? First of all, coloring is fun and relaxing. It’s an enjoyable way to express your creativity. And, it’s an activity you can fully participate in whether you’re 4 or 94 years old.

• There is no right or wrong way to color a mandala.
• You can color just about anywhere.
• Coloring lifts your spirits and brings out the child in you.
• You can color at your own pace.
• You don’t have to follow any rules when you color.
• Kids and adults alike enjoy coloring.
• You know you’re creating a unique work of art.
• You can share the experience by coloring in groups.
• It’s affordable.
• It activates the intuitive genius within you."


For fun, I thought I would "color" a mandala with PSE and scrapgirls papers!



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That's gorgeous, Linda! I have a mandala coloring book but haven't used it yet. I never thought of coloring in PSE - that's SO cool!

BTW the Rec director at my Town Pool was looking for adult activities this summer, so every thursday about 1PM they had "Adult Coloring"!

Many people had never tried it before and everyone had a nice time.


Your finished product really looks awesome. I'm wondering how you got the page to color, on your computer, was it scanned from a book or did you find the Mandala online? Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea and your creation.

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Hi, MariJ! There are lots of free downloadable coloring pages, like this one:



Find one you like, then click the print icon. I "print" it to my PDF writer so I can open the PDF in PSE.


Thanks, Linda - I appreciate this!

I would know how to print to color but not how to get it to PSE - that's great to know!

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I've been coloring for years and now the world is doing it. I've framed a couple of my pages and they are hanging on my wall over my desk. I've bought a whole lot of coloring books and have been coloring in them. It's so relaxing. I used to buy kids coloring books, as they never had any adult ones until about 1980 and then only a few. I've used both crayons and color pencils. I find pencils are the best.


Thanks for the info on 'printing' the pages to PDF and then to PSE.

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I have tried coloring pages online. I have found though that the lines don't come out as solid as I need for digital coloring, I have to select the outlines and then 'grow' them a little to make the lines solid enough to select the spaces. I suppose a brush would work too, Duh! Great job on the mandela - you are so patient.

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