Photo A Day Challenge - December

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Fantastic first week of photos Everyone!! I look forward to this thread each and every day!

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Trying to catch up on my pictures. This is for Day 7 a photo of 'outside'. While traveling to my cousins house we passed this old gas station/rest stop along the Taconic Parkway in New York. I always loved these old buildings and I finally managed to have a camera handy when we passed by this one.



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Photo for Day 8: Hanging

These are stockings that we hung up each and every Christmas, and still do today. From left to right: My sister Donna's stocking, my Father's stocking and My Stocking. Mom's got lost somewhere along the way.


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Day 9 -- Holiday Song

I have so many 'favorite holiday songs' so when I came across this quiz on the internet, I thought that I would use it as lots of my songs are on the list.

O Holy Night is my favorite and just happens to be on this list. And my favorite song from when I was a kid was Christmas Alphabet.

C is for the candy trimmed around the christmas tree,
H is for the happiness with all the family,
R is for the reindeer prancing by the window pane,
I is for the icing on the cake as sweet as sugar cane,
S is for the stocking hanging on the chimney wall,
T is for the toys beneath the tree so tall,
M is for the misletoe where everyone is kissed,
A is for the angels who make up the christmas list,
S is for the santa who makes every kid his pet,
Be good and he'll bring you everything in your christmas alphabet!



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