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December Photo A Day - Day 24 through 31

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3 hours ago, princessrunningfingers said:

I made up a little cookie tray for family that's coming over this afternoon.


IMG_0180 2.jpg

love it


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4 hours ago, alsoarty said:

I made these orange cranberry cookies to give to my neighbors. Here they’re cooling on a rack.


Those look so yummy.

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1 hour ago, ladyscrapalot said:

DH and I don’t really eat dessert and with the girls on their own I don’t bake much anymore.  I snapped this photo at WM. All they had left. 


They are on sale too. Santa won't mind he has so many cookies and glasses of milk

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We didn't actually make cookies today (the stores were all out of sugar cookie dough!)  At church this morning, one of the band members gave the rest of the band a bag of chocolate chip cookies each that he had made.  So once we got home, I cheated; too much left to do for Christmas!  I took four of his cookies and had the girls each frost and sprinkle two of them.  These are Santa's cookies for tonight.  I took better photos, where both of the girls were in focus, but this one made me laugh; I was trying to take a photo of Laura with her cookies, and Karlie photo-bombed.  Funny kid!


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December 24 - Cookies
I didn’t expect to be making cookies on Christmas Eve but after a long day I had a yearning for Chocolate Chip cookies so I baked while everyone was eating dinner!   They were so yummy because the chips were still warm and melted when we ate them.



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December 25  Morning"

I was up 5am this MORNING getting some things ready and at 8am I smelled something sweet and found my cousin in the kitchen making these festive fresh mozzarella/tomato/basil sticks!

 IMG_2475.thumb.jpg.52f6f25745a9f5699eacfb371add218c.jpg IMG_2477.thumb.jpg.8cf016c751b4e747b4c464270719f36b.jpg

My sister came down and started making a traditional Christmas breakfast - Christmas prep is in full swing here!


This is what it looked like on my street, this MORNING; thankfully last night’s snow wasn’t much, the roads are fine and the sun is coming up!

Merry Christmas everyone!  :santa:  :xmastree:

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Took a lot of photos this morning, but this is the one I chose for the PAD today.  This is DH and my MIL; my MIL had just unwrapped the calendar I made this year.  She loves it! She's also got a blanket wrapped around her, that we gave her just this morning. 


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Oops I forgot to post this. We had a beautiful sky Christmas morning and I went out to take a panoramic photo of it to post here then forgot all about it.


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10 hours ago, princessrunningfingers said:

My Grateful Photo.  I am grateful for all my cherished memories.



That’s lovely, Joyce...

8 hours ago, CRS said:

Here is my 24th and 25th PAD photos...

Cookies for Santa


And a partial shot of the living room, the couch was covered in boxes and gifts, too.


And I see Buddy, too! :)

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26 - Grateful

I found the word Grateful in the bible as I am grateful for having God's Word to read and we gave the two oldest granddaughters each a Bible for Christmas.


26 - grateful.jpg

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27 - 3.46pm

We arrived home not long before this time and I had just unpacked some of the gifts we had received for Christmas. My sister gave me a scarf ( black sparkly ) and strangely without each of us knowing, I gave her a scarf.


27 - 346pm.jpg

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