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Pajama Party Chat 10 pm ET 12/26/17

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Join Conda (SodScrap) at 10:00pm ET tonight in the (NEW!!) Chat Room for some pajama party fun.  Do you have a holiday tradition of new pajamas?  Does the whole family match??  We "sort of" do this but I never get a photo...It will be fun to chat and relax in our jammies after the holiday busyness. Of course there will be an entertaining challenge as well and maybe a few special surprises too!  (My family complains about this "tradition")

Your challenge is to create a layout including your holiday pajamas.  No holiday pajamas?  No problem...show us your "festive holiday" outfit(s)...OR whatever you (or your family) are wearing.  

Post your layout in the Chat Gallery and post a link back in this thread.

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