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Neat Reading Plan

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That's a cool plan! I don't think I could follow something like that personally, because I have to be in the mood to read anything heavy or real (like true crime or biographies). I'm more of a light reader where I don't have to think too much about what I'm reading, if that makes sense. But when the mood strikes, I'll refer back to this! Thanks for sharing!

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Interesting!  I've never seen such a plan!  Thank you for sharing, it's quite creative.

I'm like Carla...I call mine "mindless" reading.  Something to keep me busy and entertained, but doesn't take much brain power...GAH!  Did I just admit that out loud????  It's sort of my "quiet time".  

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8 hours ago, angleigh said:

Ha i'm in the "mindless" reading group.  The perfect book for  me is something I can put down in the middle of a paragraph because I have to go do something else, and can come back and pick it back up with no issue

Another club I am a member of.   I’m no snob about reading and mindless is always nice because you don’t have to focus, so it’s stress-less and no worry about remembering anything either.

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