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Tuesday 16th Challenge

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I can’t believe it’s mid January! I’ve been in a fog this past week.

Music is everywhere. Even in elevators. On your phone, in the car, TV, movies, school concerts and plays, in our hearts. Todays challenge is to create a layout with a musical theme. The choices are endless. Even a photo of dancing ro music, or singing in a choir, playing a musical instrument...

Post your layout in the Tuesday Newsletter gallery with a link here in this thread.

I’ll be back with my layout.

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I was hugely involved in music growing up, and then in college I was a music major.  I plan this for a double layout, I've been wanting to scrap these particular photos for a long time.  In junior high and high school, I was in a small percussion ensemble; we traveled around to perform, etc.  This LO is of a scholarship performance, where I played a solo in front of 1,000 people.  One of the other members also played a solo that night.  The other LO will have the journaling... but I need a break right now! ... OK, I added the second LO.

Bel Canto Scholarship Performance, LO 1

Bel Canto Scholarship Performance, LO 2

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Here is my page Beatlemania. Fun night to remember

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