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April Showers

March Challenge Chase

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Join us for the March Challenge Chase!

Complete a Challenge a week to earn a special discount in our store!


Do you love a Challenge? Or should we say lots of Challenges? Then you should join our monthly Challenge Chase! To participate, just complete at least one Challenge per week for one month, and submit a layout for our monthly #scrapgirls hashtag challenge which is posted in this thread. Every month you complete The Chase, you will be rewarded with a one-time coupon for 25% off that you can use in our store the next month.

Here is all the info you need to know to join our Challenge Chase:

· Sign-up in this thread so you can be added to the Challenge Chase Tracking Sheet. Prizes will be awarded from the tracking sheet, so make sure you sign up! The tracking sheet is located in the 2nd post of this thread will be updated at least once a week.

· Post at least one challenge layout in each calendar week of the month. The overlap is intentional. I will credit layouts posted on Sundays to whichever week you need one, just let me know which week you'd like credit for when you post the link. :)
Week 1: March 1-11
Week 2: March 11-18
Week 3: March 18-25
Week 4: March 25-31

· Each week, you may choose to participate in either the Weekly Newsletter Challenge (posted on Tuesdays) or the Weekend Wildcard Challenge (posted on Saturdays). It doesn’t matter if you pick the Weekly or Weekend Challenge (or switch back and forth) as long as you post at least one challenge layout in each calendar week of the month.  Partial weeks of three days or less don’t count as a full week. 

· Layouts must be posted to our Challenge Galleries (Newsletter & Weekend) and meet our challenge layout criteria.

·  Submit a layout for our Monthly #scrapgirls Hashtag Challenge. This month's challenge is SPRINGYour #Hashtag Challenge layout can be posted at any time during the month but does not count toward one of the weekly challenges. When posting on social media, be sure the visibility settings are public or we won't be able to find them! We will use the #scrapgirls hashtag every month to keeps things simple.  (You may post in the SG gallery as well if you don't participate in social media or don't feel comfortable changing the layout's settings).

· Post the links to your qualifying layouts in this Challenge Chase thread so we know you’ve met the challenge! I fill in the tracking sheet from this thread, so if they aren't posted here, you won't get credit.

· It is okay to post the previous week's challenge the following week for credit. I will use the post date on the layout (not the specific challenge) to determine which week the challenge applies to. 

While only one layout is required for the challenge, the tracking sheet has spots for both challenges. Feel free to post another link if you finish both! We'd love to see how many of you are doing them all.

For those who meet our Challenge Chase each month, coupons for 25% off our store will be sent out the first week of the following month and must be used in that month.

We have this Challenge Chase Blinkie for you to sport in your signature!


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Here is the latest Challenge Chase Tracker. Please let me know if I'm missing one of your layouts. You should be able to see the date it was last updated below the tracker.



Edited by April Showers
Challenge Chase Tracker Updated

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Thanks April - can’t believe it’s already March. :D  I’m going to try again and hopefully this month won’t mix up the weeks!

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O-kay, I’ll start off this party -
Week 1  Weekend Challenge
Lyla & Neva

I’ll try to keep better track of the weeks this month!  :banghead:

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I knew March was going to be a crazy month for me, and I am already behind on almost everything.  So, I think I'm just going to back out on this challenge for this month.  Good luck to everyone.

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