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I'd like to hear some of your reviews of photo book sites. Has anyone tried Mixbook? I've used Shutterfly and the last time my photos came out dark! I know some of you mentioned Cosco but I want to add and create within the site. From what I'm seeing is that Shutterfly has a huge library. Mixbook,  their interface is easier to use and you can add drop shadows which I find interesting that Shutterfly doesn't;t have.

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I've used Blurb for printing my photobooks for over 7 years now.  The products are very nice and the customer service is amazing.  The primary reason I changed from Shutterfly to Blurb way back then was because Shutterfly limited the photobook size to 100 pages where a Blurb book can have over 400 pages.  I need the extra pages for my annual family photobook.  Plus, Blurb has really good sales, too!



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I've used both Blurb and Shutterfly so far though I'd like to try Mpix. I really like Persnickety Prints for individual pages which is what I used to do. They only have softcover books and the largest is 8x8. I like hardcover and I'd like to try 10x10. The disadvantage with Blurb for me is that 7x7 is a bit small and 12x12 is too big but I think the way you put together the book at Blurb is the most intuitive. I need at least 8x8 and I notice Shutterfly has 10x10 now. So many choices. I only make a few books- one for each of the grandchildren. I have to pick and choose from the pages I create. Sometimes they help.

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i've used vista print, blurb and supaphoto... 

vista print is quick and has amazing quality although is a little pricey, blurb has great customer service and allows hundreds of pages per photobook and supaphoto is a smaller local company so theyre a lot more customisable

i've attached links for all three, hope that helps!




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