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Using Inbuilt Graphics on computer


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I am hoping someone with computer knowledge can help me out.

My graphics card in my computer died ( possibly got overheated because my computer was full of dust). Now the computer repairers say they cannot install a new graphics card as none that they try work and they say I will have to just use the built in graphics.  Will my Photoshop CS6 work with that? 

Thankyou for any help someone can give me. 

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I do not need an answer to my question.

I have my computer home and will be busy the next few days putting things onto EHDs as I need a new computer.

The overheating of the graphics card also has affected the motherboard so it is on its way out....

Now to go shop a new computer which I was not planning on having to do. But my laptop is not capable of doing much digi scrapping... it gets too hot and I do not want to burn it out also ! 

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