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Spring 2018 Hybrid ATC Swap

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Mine came today.  They better have, yesterday I was outside and the (not regular) Postman parked in front of my house, walked across the 4 lane highway to deliver the mail across the street, then waved at me and moved on.   I couldn’t believe it because I KNOW the Town Newspaper always comes on Thursday so I had at least that mail.  I’ll bet my ATC’s were really there too.

THANK YOU everyone - they are wonderful - each and every one.  And thanks Carla for organizing and getting them to us so quickly .  I agree - I’d like to put them where I can see them each day; or pick one a day to carry with me.   Great topic Carla, I had a hard time deciding on one, but it was fun to see what everyone came up with.


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I think those mail carriers know when we are waiting on something important and tease us! Glad they arrived!

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