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I need to update my account details as I have been issued with a new payment card from my bank, I search all over the place :blink: but can't locate where I can change my payment details. I don't want to miss out on Scrap club collection tomorrow! 

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Hey Marie

So credit card information is not kept in our store, that's why you can't find some place to change it.  When you add it in it's stored directly with the credit card company that processes the orders.  This is due to the high standards they have to meet daily to keep information like that safe, and the ever changing ways that hackers find to get into websites and such.

What I had to do is put your club on hold.  Tomorrow after billing goes out I will email everyone who's order did not go through, and send instructions on how to fix this.  Basically you'll have to add the item into your cart and checkout.  You will have to do the same thing when the ScrapSimple club comes around.  And for regular store purchases you'll put your new information in when you make your next order.

Just email me if you have any other questions

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