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Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

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1 hour ago, SodScrap said:

Marilyn, I am 45 miles from Costco.  I have an appointment close to there on Monday so I will go in and visit them!  

I did open the new iPad and it appears fine, as I expected.  The rest of the apps are downloading now.  I did pause everything so I could download some goodies.  I'm not going to lie, I had to watch a video again to figure out how to do that.  LOL.  They are unzipped and waiting to play.  Hopefully I will have time this evening.  I'm leaving in a few minutes for appointments.  (One is in Excelsior Angie, I will wave as I go by....)

Accessories to arrive this afternoon.  Oh...and yes, the new iPad is AWESOME!!!

Yay!  Conda, I’m glad you’re having fun so far and that everything seems ok.   For the most part, those things are very rugged. 
I was afraid Costco would be far, but glad you’ll be close enough for a visit soon enough.    Have fun.   
(PS I get it, each time I go back to do something I forget how and have to relook.    For some reason doing things in GoodNotes and on the Planner is not intuitive to how I am used to working.   Maybe PSE and SG make things easy.)

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