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Mix It Up September


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20 hours ago, CRS said:

I think my mojo took a vacation...I spent 30 minutes looking for a photo and once I found one, I had no idea what to do with it. Even my trusty templates aren't helping me right now...grrrr!

Ohhhhh...   So sorry Carla.   I’ve been having trouble too, but when templates start not working - UH-OH, oh NOoooooo!   ?

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September 20th 

Today we want you to create a layout using JUST a Collection Mini, Super Mini or Nano. This includes any mini collection for members only in the ScrapGirls club or the Nano for members of the ScrapSimple club. No adding any extras from other collections. It does not have to be the collection you picked yesterday and can be a retired one.

When you are finished post your layout in the Hodge Podge Gallery.

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September 21st 

How about a photo-less layout?

Photo-less Scrapbook Layouts

3 Steps to a Picture-less Layout

Pick one of these tutorials to help you create a photo-less layout.

There will be no specific tasks for this layout, just go ahead and create your layout how you want it.

There will be no extra task tomorrow, so post your layout when you are finished in the 
Hodge Podge Gallery.

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