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If you made a craft pattern cover using adobe elements 10 how do you keep the background and just change the craft photo to different craft without making the background each time you make a new craft. I would like to keep the same background on every pattern but just change out the craft photos each time.

Thank you so much to whom answers this question.


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I think if I were doing this and I’ve done something similar, I’d turn off the eye on the layer/photo you aren’t keeping and layer the next photo on top of it to show.  Save it that way then continue turning off the eye and then adding the next photo and saving.
The added advantage to this is if you want to go back to a previous version you still have the photo there and can turn it on to use again.

Another way I’ve done this is to “undo” until the photo removes, then add the next one.

I hope I’m understanding your question correctly.   I’m sure others have a better or easier way to do this and will add on.
Keep asking if I didn’t get it right!

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Great explanation Marilyn and also how I would recommend.  After you turn off the "unwanted" layer and add the new element(s), then "save as" so it's a new version.  Then turn off this new layer...and so on and so forth.

Hope this helps!

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