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Win it Wednesday: Battleship- check inside!***Winners Posted***

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Happy Anniversary Scrap Girls! To celebrate, in the grid below, there are 9 birthday candles hidden! One candle is worth a $10 gift card to the shop, 3 candles are worth $5 and 5 candles are worth $3. The first person to find a candle with the prize will win the corresponding gift card!

Here are the rules:
1. Choose your space by stating the letter and number of its location (ex B4, Z26).
2. You may pick TWO squares per post.
3. You must wait for someone else to post their guesses before you make your next one.
4. There will be 9 winners for this game, so once you have won, please sit back and cheer on your fellow guessers.

If you have any questions or need clarification just post here. Good luck!



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Keep it moving. The odds continue to improve. I am so hoping someone wins soon. I'd blame myself but I did use random.org to choose the spots to hide the candles so I'm blaming that!

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I was bumming because I was gonna be gone all day.  I was surprised to come home and find out there has not been a winner yet.

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