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AFT Designs - Peace & Joy Challenge & Prize

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 For the month of December, the words Peace and Joy are easily found on Holiday cards, decorations and more. I got to thinking about what they really meant to me personally. When you hear these words, what does your brain conjure? People? Places? Things?


 l challenge you to create a layout about what Peace and or Joy means to you.   Please note that this does not have to mean Holidays and or Christmas!  It doesn't matter if it may sense mundane - just share with us whatever pops into your head. Don’t have a photo? That’s fine, photo-less layouts work as well. You could get creative and make an art journaling type layout with just a title and type, be creative as you wish to be.



The challenge will run from Dec. 1st to Dec 31st. Create a layout featuring your summer memory, post it in the gallery, and then share it here with us in this thread as well.

  • I ask that the layout utilize at least 30-50% of items from my store. (Don’t overthink that percentage, just make sure some of my items are used pretty please)



A $5 coupon good for anything in my store.


Everyone that follows the guidelines will be entered into the drawing!


And please share! When you post, tell us about your layout.


Here are a few products and layouts that may stimulate some creativity, but please note you don’t have to use these, they’re just suggestions and perhaps some things that popped into my mind when I was pondering Peace and Joy. For example, the literal "Holiday Joy" this time of year. Just looking back at old photos of my kids brings me Joy. I also find snow very peaceful and beautiful, etc


AFT_KraftXmasWht_MKTG_600.jpg AFT_KraftXmasWht_LO1_600.jpg


AFT_Blissful_CollBiggie-digital-scrapbook-mint-navy-printable-kit_LG.jpg  AFT_Blissful_Happy-Memory-digital-project-life-layout_LG.jpg


AFT_MMW2_CollMini_LO1_600.jpg  AFT_MMW2_CollMini_MKTG_600.jpg


AFT_WinterFant_digital-scrapbook-snow-ice-whisps-embell_LG.jpg  AFT_WinterFant_digital-scrapbook-snow-ice-whisps-embell-LO_LG.jpg






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This sounds a great challenge which I hope to find time to create something for as I have worked out in my mind an Art Journal type page - no photos. 

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You can find my page for this challenge in the gallery  JOY

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