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December ATC

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Once again thank you for the beautiful cards you all made.

Well ladies this is it....last month of 2018.  Christmas month and everything it red and green so lets get away from it a little. Let's make a white space ATC. Let's use the same method as a regular size page just make it a mini. Make your background dominate with title & embellishments minimal- it should make it quick and easy too.


For  anyone who completes  at least one each month for the last 6 months of the year, they will get a $5 GC once the December swap is over.  And if someone misses a month then they are not eligible for the $5 GC.
I will make a chart and post it here. If I miss you one month please let me know.

If you have never created an ATC, these instructions may be helpful: ATC Instructions

Special additional directions from Marilyn: What I do is create a 2.5 x 3.5 inch card at 300 dpi then I either post as is (and it’s big enough to be enlarged and seen) or when posting you can reduce the longest side of your card (the 3.5 inch one) to 600 pixels.

Thank you Marilyn

You may create as many cards as you would like, just please remember to sign and date each card. Please send a full size copy to me so I can compile and send to you at the end of the month. Albin40A@yahoo.com

Upload them to the Artist Trading Cards - Digital & Hybrid Gallery then email the full resolution copy (750 x 1050 pixels at 300 ppi) to me at  Albin40A@yahoo.com

Your cards are due to me by Dec 31. 2018

Note: I will be traveling so there may be delays with my responses. I am looking forward to see a gallery filled with white space ATC's


The NEW YEAR will be bringing some exciting changes to ATC. It is exciting new cards (or are they cards??) and new ideas what to do with the cards when you collect them. We are hoping for a fun 2019 in the digi-scrapping world.




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Here is my white space card

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I decided to create an ATC for this swap... Holy Night

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