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Hello SG,

Recently forced to upgrade by Corel to PSP 9. Used PSP for years. Now can't do anything.
Have spent two hours trying to draw a rectangle with no fill. Got the rectangle to draw.
Trying to get a red, outline only rectangle. The rectangle has polka dots in it. with a pink
outline. The Background and Fill properties box on the Materials palette (what is a Material?)
comes up and show Color, Gradient Pattern and Texture. What is wanted is no Color, no Gradient,
no Pattern or no Texture. But all it does is allow me choices of those four things and all that
that is needed is for all of them to go away.

How is No Fill chosen?


Allen in Dallas





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Allen, I use CS6 but I did a google search and found this set of instructions  HERE  which I thought may help you. 

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I use PSE15 so I cannot help you but I would recommend  doing a tutorial search on the internet. I am sure you can find help there. Good luck and we look forward to seeing your pages.

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I know this is an old topic, but in case anyone searches for this question, here is an answer.

When you want to create a shape with NO FILL, it has to be a vector. When the Vector tool (Ellipse, Rectangle, Symmetric Shape or Preset Shape) is active, under the Fill Swatch (the bottom of the two) in the Materials palette, you will see three tiny boxes. The first one is for Solid/Gradient/Pattern, the second is for Texture and the third one is for Transparency. You need to click the THIRD tiny button to make it NULL or TRANSPARENT. However, this button is NOT available if other tools than Vector (including the Pen tool and the Text tool) are active.

You get the same option if you want a vector shape (or text) with NO OUTLINE. You just have to click that tiny box under the OUTLINE swatch (the top one).

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