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Weekend Wildcard Challenge 1/5/19

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:happy-sun: Happy 2019!!  :happy-sun:

It's the first Saturday of the new year.  W H A T???  I am not sure how that happened so quickly!  

New year.  New month.  Makes me think of a new (blank!) calendar.  Do you use a calendar, datebook or planner?  Paper or digital?  

Your challenge today is to create a layout with a calendar on it. You can incorporate the calendar however you wish, just be sure a calendar is included somehow/someway on your layout.  I have included links to a few products with links to give you some ideas.  I used Marlene's SS Pocket LiFe Card Tempaltes-2018 Calendar

I can't wait to see your creativity!  Please post your layout in the Weekend Wildcard Challenge and post a link back in this thread to share.  


MPE Pocket Life Card TemplatesSNU Pocket Life CalendarsMPE SIM Perpetual CalendarsMPE SIM Perpetual Calendar Add On

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