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AFT Designs - Challenge & Prize - March 2019

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Hey all! Happy March! Anything particular you're looking forward to, or got going on this month? Since it's the the 3rd month of this year (already?!), I'd like to challenge you to create a layout using 3 photos.

Feel free to use any photos! Use the same photo and repeat it 3x, as long as you have 3 photos somewhere on your project.


The challenge will run from March 1st - March. 31st Create a layout featuring your summer memory, post it in the gallery, and then share it here with us in this thread as well.

  • I ask that the layout utilize at least 30-50% of items from my store. (Don’t overthink that percentage, just make sure some of my items are used pretty please)



A $5 coupon good for anything in my store.


Everyone that follows the guidelines will be entered into the drawing!

And please share! When you post, tell us about why it was your favorite memory, or a little bit about your layout.


  Here are a few products that may help you getting three photos onto your layout, or just maybe a little extra stir to your creative process:






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I’m going to try get this done this month!   Amanda you don’t mean it has to be summer photos, right?   I think there might have been a “copy and paste” error above!  😱

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I used your Life Montage. Here it is in my gallery.


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