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May the 4th Be With You! Movie themed chat 6:00 p.m. EST

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MAY the 4th BE WITH YOU!  Yep, National Scrapbooking Day 2019 is on May the 4th, better known in recent years as Star Wars Day.  Your challenge is to create a layout based on a movie of your choosing.  Your layout may be directly based on a particular movie, or simply be inspired by the feel of a certain movie, the colors, or the genre.  If the movie related to your layout isn't obvious, when you post your layout please tell us what movie is behind it, and what inspired you.  Some of the questions I asked during the chat are below, if you need some inspiration.  Once you're done, post your layout to the iNSD Gallery and label it so we know it's the Movie Theme challenge (Chat #6).  Then come back to this thread and post a link.  

Prize Drawing: Members who post their completed layouts in the Scrap Girls InterNational Scrapbook Day Gallery for all 8 of our InterNational Scrapbooking Day chats will be entered into a drawing for a $20 Scrap Girls Gift Certificate! The challenges for each chat will be posted in the International Scrapbooking Day Forum.

To enter the drawing, send an email with your 8 layout links to games@scrapgirls.com. Emails must be received by 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday May 6, 2019, to qualify for the drawing.

Here are some questions to ponder as you create your layout:
1.   Do you like going to movie theaters, or watching them at home instead?  Do you generally eat snacks with your movie, and if so, what snacks?  (Yum!)
2.   What genre of movies do you like the best?  Mystery, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, psychologic thriller, drama, comedy… what really grabs you and holds your interest?  Layout inspiration: Think about your favorite genre and pick a movie from that genre to base a layout on.  Your layout doesn’t have to be about the movie, just inspired by it in some way.
3.   Do you prefer movies that keep you guessing right up until the end, or movies that you can predict what’s coming?
4.   Do you have any important memories tied to a specific movie or movies?  Layout inspiration:  Base your layout on the memory/event, and somehow incorporate the movie into it – as in, explain what role the movie had.
5.   Do you like to watch movies based on books?  If so, do you like to read the book first and then see how the movie differs from the book, or do you prefer to watch the movie first, and then read the book if the movie was interesting enough?  Layout inspiration:  Create a layout relating a movie you’ve seen to the book, how it was different/similar, and how it affected you.
6.   What was the first movie you can remember ever seeing, and in what setting was it?  Layout inspiration:  Scrap this memory!
7.   If you had to pick one movie as “your” movie, what would it be? A movie that you feel represents your life, or your beliefs, or the way you want/wanted your life to be… 
8.   Is there a particular movie character that you identify with, or one that you admire?
9.   Do you like movie series?  If so, which one(s) in particular?
10.  Do you get emotional while watching movies?  Cry easily, get angry with the characters, cheer them on?

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