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how do i view my own gallery?

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Don't be embarrassed. I'll see if I can help you. At the very top of the page on the right side should be your photo and username.  If you click on the little down arrow, a drop down menu will open. Click on profile and that should open up to your "homepage". If you have created any albums you can click on the album tab. To see every layout you've posted click on the orange see my activity tab. After you click on that you can scroll down and find Gallery, and under that heading find images. It will then show all your layouts. You can do the same for other members, the same way. Just search for their user name, and then do the same. There might be an easier way to get to your gallery and I'm sure someone will come along and tell us.

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5 hours ago, ScrapgirlCindy said:

I should know this, but I don't.  Embarrassed.  

No question is embarrassing and with this Gallery it’s not at all easy to find your own!
I do what Kelly does.   Once I click on “Profile”, then I click on “See my activity” and then at the bottom left under “Gallery”  I click on “Images”  which gets me to my Gallery.

I don’t know any easier way either!    I’m glad you asked, others have had trouble too.  :) 

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