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Atomic Cupcake Action

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As you know, Atomic Cupcake went out of business in 2012.  However, I still have plenty of their actions.  I've been trying to use the handstitched action which requires the brush AtomicCupcakeWideDotBrush.abr.  It won't work because even though the brush is in my file I get a message saying an unexpected End-of-file was encountered.  Does anyone know what this means?  I've tried to make my own brush and rename it the same but that didn't work either.  Of course, I don't believe I actually saved it to my file, just in the brushes pallet.  Does anyone have any idea if this action can be saved?

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I know that message usually means an item has been corrupted.  I don't know if what is installed can be saved.  Hopefully you did save a back up of it, and that will work.

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