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Question about adding a mask in Syndees tutorial

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In Syndee’s tutorial, Quick Photo Masking with Guided Edits in PSE, after she creates a masked photo with the Painterly effect, she moved the masked photo to a background paper to create her layout. Then she says she added a soft blue paint mask under the photo layer.  Does this mean you just pick a mask and put it on a new layer below the one with the painterly effect and color it blue?

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Looking at it, it looks like that's a paper she put under the photo.  She opened a paper (in this case a white one with a blue watercolor effect on it) and dragged the photo and mask over on top of it.

But yes, you could add it on top of another mask.  And you could color that mask blue, or any color you wanted to.  Mask are great because you can use them to attach papers/photos to.  But you can also use them on top of solid papers and change the blend modes of them to create more texture/design in that papers below it.

Hope that helps

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