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September - Show Me Your Fav Layout

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@AmandaFace - I remember when you posted this, and I thought it was an outstanding tribute page and so stylish!

My personal favorite from August was the one I did on the first of the month. I don't often scrap in bright white or leave it simple, but I liked how this layout featuring my grandmother came together.
A Woman Has Many Sides

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8 hours ago, AmandaFace said:

This is definitely mine! I was lucky enough to be able to share this one with her brother too. 🖤


Oh I so remember Valerie here when I first joined and her collections are still some of my favorites, she was so talented.  She sure was a lot of fun and so full of life.

So, you remind me that this layout I recently did for Jody’s birthday is my current favorite.  
It’s hard to read the journaling, here, it says:
In the months following Jody’s death I was sorely missing her and grounded with a fractured foot. When searching for a layout quote about "fairies and gardens" I discovered the concept of fairy gardens so I researched and decided to make my own. I cleared the hill coming up my front steps and added a few little houses, finding it soothing working in the ground, planting flowers and creating mystical little scenes. I felt close to Jody there, knowing she’d be enchanted watching my fairy garden grow. Darren agreed and even made his own garden in Australia so the fairies could travel back and forth and miss winters. We’ve sent each other fairies and pieces and I’ve gotten many more as birthday and Christmas gifts so every year my fairy garden has grown. It feels magical and I feel close to Jody working tending it; somehow she feels a part of it. Happy Birthday, my friend. I miss you… xo”

                               Happy Birthday Jody 2020 JP.jpg

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I remember Jody, very sweet about the fairies and garden! Jody would have gotten such a kick out of that, she made some of my favorite LOs.


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2 hours ago, scrapgran said:

Your fairy garden was so sweet Marilyn. I am glad I got to see it. Jody was a wonderful inspiration to us all.

Oh, thank you Laraine.   I am so happy you were able to see it and visit, too.  It was sweet we were able to meet and spend time together, it’s one of my fondest memories.   My fairy garden is probably twice as big now as when you saw it.

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