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Chat Game (aka posting contest

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To participate in this game, sign up below by typing your name and the following three categories in your post:

Starting content count:
Ending content count:

For now, you just fill in your STARTING content count for; the other two numbers will be added at the end of the game. You may want to set a reminder to come back and add your final numbers!  

Here is how to find your starting content count:  
-Go to the ScrapGirls Main Forum page and on the top right, you will see your Avatar photo and screen name.
-Click on the down arrow next to your screen name. Click on “Profile” at the top of the list.
-At the top, to the right of your Avatar photo you will see your content count.
Game will end Saturday, Oct 31st at midnight ET. You must enter your end post count to qualify!
Highest chat count will win a $10 Gift Certificate.

My Starting count is: 19,663

Ending count: 19,746

I guess I was not chatting too much.

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I can be pretty chatty at times.....

Starting content count: 49,316
Ending content count:   49,539
Total: 223

I’ve been shopping and buying all in my cart and almost forgot to come back and update this.  I’m sleepy, I hope I got the math right.   Good night everyone.  😴💤💤💤

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8 hours ago, alsoarty said:

You beat me Marilyn... I’ve been here 10years +.

But only by about 6 weeks.  I didn’t realize we joined at the same time.   I was a lurker for awhile but then had to join for the SG classes I was taking.  But, then I didn’t post for awhile. 

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2 hours ago, barbaraj said:

Congratulations Marilyn! You are the Queen of Comments. They are always so warm and detailed and make me feel good after I read them. I want to be like you when I grow up.

Ohhhhh.....   Thank you Barbara for saying that.   I actually really enjoy looking at layouts and writing comments.    And, I know how much I enjoy the ones others write on mine so I try to make them meaningful.    It’s very kind of you to say that.   TBH, I wish I had your sense of humor and sharp and creative wit!  It’s a special gift to make people smile and laugh and you do that which is no small task!

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